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13 Education Foundation Grants Awarded By The Prize Patrol

Please don't forget about our upcoming Buccaneer Bingo fundraiser. Limited seats are remaining. Please click on the picture to learn more about the event and to purchase your tickets today. We rely on your support to continue providing innovative learning and experience grants.

The East Chambers Education Foundation Prize Patrol visited campuses in October, November, and January, awarding a total of $38,465.50 in grant money. Thanks to supporters like you, journalism students at East Chambers Junior High are now publishing and printing their school newspaper. Additionally, East Chambers High School students will study entrepreneurship in new collaborative spaces, and put their ideas to the test with a new print studio, makerspace, and retail cart.

East Chambers Elementary has received five out of the thirteen grants awarded so far this school year. Some of these grants include funding for makerspace carts, the I-X-L Online Learning Platform, and several experience grants. East Chambers Primary has received School Playground Communication Boards, new PE equipment, and upcoming experience grants, all of which will help create an inclusive and dynamic playground environment.

We look forward to seeing you at Buccaneer Bingo on February 10, 2024!

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