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$11,733 Awarded in March

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Check with grant funds presented to teachers and students.

Mobile Welding Trailer Equipment for High School Welding Students The equipment bought with this grant would be used for our mobile welding trailer. This trailer would be hauled to our build off contests. At these contests we put together trailers, firepits, welding tables and alot of other neat stuff. We are given a set of blueprints, the teacher usually has 15 minutes with the kids to discuss a game plan and help solve any problems kids might have. Once that time is up the kids are on their own and teachers can not step within their work area, unless of course we see a safety hazard we need to address. The kids build according to the prints and once time is up it gets judged. This grant would allow us to better afford the equipment we need to be successful in build off competitions, while also teaching all students the use of more advanced tools and equipment.

Eggs, Larva, and Wings, OH MY!! Refills for PreK 3 and PreK 4 students

The purpose of this grant is to stimulate our students’ curiosity about the world around them and allow students an opportunity to have hands-on learning. Students will be given the opportunity to watch larvae and caterpillars progress through each phase of their life cycles to become ladybugs and butterflies. As a result, students will become more aware of these observations in real life and have an increased knowledge and vocabulary about their life cycles.

Field of Dreams for All LifeSkills Students

Through the power of sports, students with intellectual disabilities discover new strengths and abilities, skills, and success. This event is designed to foster the acceptance of inclusion to all the students participating and give them a once in a lifetime experience. It will allow students to participate in team sports and see themselves as athletes for the day. Field days are a great opportunity to build community and nurture the development of our learners.

4th Grade is Out of This World

Students will travel to NASA to explore our interactive Mission Mars exhibit, the international landmark Independence Plaza, multiple flown spacecraft, a real Moon rock our students can touch, one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of space suits and more. This grant will benefit the education of our students by allowing them to see technological breakthroughs, the ideas behind scientific research and help them understand the universe we live in. They will be able to see and understand first hand what goes into preparing for lift-off!! Students will be able to engage in different activities, tour flown spacecraft, discover STEM experiences and STEM programs.

Paddle Participation for High School Algebra 2:

Students love working out problems on dry erase boards. However, teachers need that space for notes, schedules, examples, etc. while teaching classes. This will motivate students to be more intentional with their learning by providing them with a class set of personal sized dry erase boards that they can use at their desks. These paddle dry erase boards will not only be useful for students while they work, but they will also be a great resource to use during lessons. They will provide students a way of answering questions without always having to give a verbal response.

Pleasure Pier Advanced Math Advanced Math & Science Grant for Seniors and Juniors taking Physics, Calculus, and Pre-calculus

This grant brings the vocabulary and formulas students have learned in physics, calculus, and pre-calculus come to life! Designing roller coasters and amusement park rides usually requires a degree in Mechanical Engineering or something similar. These degrees involve upper level math and physics courses that build on topics from high school physics, precalculus and calculus. Differential calculus has a wide variety of applications, but one of its major applications is in physics. By visiting a roller coaster, students will be able to see and feel how position, velocity, and acceleration all relate to one another based on the shape of a curve. Students who take pre-cal and calculus often have had, or will have physics. It will help students to make cross-curricular connections between the subjects. Physics evaluates motion with an algebraic approach through formulas, while pre-cal and calculus study motion by interpreting the functions that represent position over time.

Entertainment and Service Industry Career Tour for 9-12 Modified English and Math students As students reach the end of their careers in public education, they must begin to develop a plan for life after high school. Some will choose the college route, while others will enter directly into the workforce. The purpose of this experience is to demonstrate a variety of career opportunities no matter which route they choose to take. Students will meet with management at both Top Golf and Chuy's Tex-Mex for a behind the scenes tour at each company with explanations of how specific employment positions benefit the company along with the employer expectations of each position.

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