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April Grants Awarded!

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

grants funds being awarded to teachers and students.

West Bay Common School 1898 Schoolhouse Session

Teacher: Denise Jannise

Grant funds will be used to fund the experience for 3 Principles of Education and Training classes to travel to League City and participate in a hands-on history program and experience what a day was like in a one room schoolhouse in the late 1800’s.

Houston Branch of Federal Reserve Bank Tour Teachers: Denise Jannise and Emily Bridgers

Grant funds will be used to fund the experience for 4 Financial Math classes to travel to the Houston Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and experience a tour. These senior students will learn about the importance of a stable and healthy financial system and the roles the Federal Reserve and the public play in the economy.

Pet Partners Therapy Dog Trainer Teachers: Kaley McGhee and Whitney Dreaden

Training therapy animals would provide students with the opportunity to sharpen their knowledge of animal behaviors while practicing empathy and developing social skills that can also be applied to human relationships. Not only will this program benefit the students participating in training these animals, but it can be utilized in classrooms throughout the entire school district. Providing therapy dogs in the classroom can assist with behavioral problems, improve reading comprehension, and improve the overall emotion of a student.

Buccaneer Green


Ross O’Hanlon (7th Grade) Celicia Moeller (7th/8th Grade) Noah DeMoss (6th Grade) Rachel Gibson (7th Grade) Carson Reddell (All Grades) Erin Palmer (All Grades) Matthew Fowler

The purpose of this project is to provide students with the opportunity to take pride in their community and give back to the place that shapes them. Buccaneer Green will help students develop character, community, leadership, and service by going into Winnie and Stowell to clean areas that need care. Buccaneer Green will also teach students philanthropy by giving the money gained from recycling to a charity of the students' choice.

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