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Grant Application




Grants can be submitted anytime but will be awarded once a month from Sept 1 thru April 30.

Grants can be submitted at any time but in order for the education foundation board to have time to review it, we recommend submitting by the last Friday of the month. Principals will approve (or send back to the applicant) by the first Friday of the month. The grant committee will meet the third Tuesday of the month and approve (or send back to the applicant). If you miss this suggested timeline, the grant can be reviewed at the next meeting. 


  1. The link will be sent out each month with deadline reminders. Make a copy and save to your Google Drive. 

  2. Make any edits and add any additional information. This can include links to videos, images, or websites. 

  3. Once completed, share the document with

  4. The grant will be sent for the appropriate campus and department approvals. Campus principals and/or department heads will approve the grant or send it back with suggested updates to improve the grant. 

  5. Once the application has the appropriate approvals, it will be sent to the grant committee. The grant committee will review the grant and approve or send back with feedback for suggested improvements. 

  6. Grants will be awarded the Friday after approval. 

Grant Application

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